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A day at Cat Lane…Part One!

Chrisby Chris, 9 yr, 2 m ago in Blog
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Just to give you a taste of what goes on at Cat Lane Bakery I took my camera along the other day.  It is now covered in dough!

An early start...4.15am The walk to work - it's only 7 mins  id=

First things first... This early I can't function without a cup of tea.  id=

Yesterday the doughs were prepared for this morning's bake then retarded overnight. The retarder is effectively an oversized fridge - it keeps the doughs at approximately 3 degrees Celsius.  id= The length of the fermentation period allows the flavour of the bread to develop.  It also allows lactic acid to form within the dough which helps preserve it and prevents moulds growing as it ages.

Some things are mixed and baked first thing in the morning as and when we need them - cheese scones for a customer order.We make both cheese and vegan fruit scones but Im very partial to the the cheese ones!  id=

The tin loaves stack nine to a tier in the oven while campagnes need slightly more personalised handling...A little semolina sprinkled on the peel helps the loaf slide directly onto the oven bottom which is made of stone...hence, Stone-baked!  id=Slashing the loaf allows expanding gas to burst through the crust in a more controlled way.  id=Bit blurry - but it's hard to take pictures while baking!  id=  As the bread is taken out we test the internal temperature of the loaf to ensure that it's done... I'm afraid just tapping the bottom to "see if it sounds hollow" is not 100% accurate!Baked bread should have an internal temperature of 95 - 100 degrees as it leaves the oven.   id=Mixed seed loaves - our best seller...  id=

Orders are sorted and bagged ready for collection - While the bread is warm it's wrapped in perforated bread wrap to prevent contamination.  id=Down to Earth, Zed's, In a Nutshell, Crumbs, Airy Fairy, New Roots and Whirlow Hall Farm are all taking bread regularly.8.00am and Evan's here to do the bread run...Phase 1 complete.  id=

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