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Barleycup… gluten free… Really?

Chrisby Chris, 5 yr, 8 m ago in Blog
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Barleycup 200g £3.46 100g £2.55  id=I was puzzled recently when a "Gluten free" sticker appeared on the newly packaged Barleycup.  It just didn't seem to make sense that a product made from Barley could call itself Gluten Free.  The blurb on the jar didn't make it much clearer either with the sentence "Gluten is not extracted from raw material in the production process"  Which, forgive me, made me think that the gluten must be still in there!  Puzzled indeed...

Then today there arrived a promotion pack from the manufacturers Grana with some samples and a leaflet for sales assistants which does make a bit more sense.

"What makes Barleycup Gluten-free?The low-down on how Barleycup can be gluten free...  id=

Although Barleycup products contain barley and rye, the way we process our grains does not transfer gluten to the final product.  Specifically, this is caused by our extraction process which involves washing the water-soluble ingredients from the roasted raw materials and the separation of these soluble ingredients from non-soluble ones, such as gluten.

Thus, non-soluble gluten remains in post-extraction waste which is not transferred to the final products.  During this process, water penetrates the roasted cereals, producing a liquid essence.  Since gluten does not dissolve in water, it is not extracted and, therefore, does not enter the final product.

Additionally, the products which come out of our factory undergo regular tests conducted by an accredited laboratory in order to determine the gluten level.

The European Union regulation on food safety defines the permissible gluten level to be 20mg/kg or less.  This requirement must be satisfied to mark a product as "gluten-free".  The gluten content in our products is much lower and it does not exceed 10mg/kg.  This gives our Customers the assurance that Barleycup Powder, Barleycup Granules, Barleycup Organic, and Barleycup with Dandelion are gluten-free products."

So now you know...


The leaflet also gives details of a competition to win £200 worth of shopping vouchers for Love2shop - (which is presumably some sort of pretend online shop putting small traders out of business!!)  Visit for details... if you dare!!

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