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Carrier Bags - the ongoing debate…

Chrisby Chris, 9 yr, 2 m ago in Blog
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This article recently appeared in The Independent online "Supermarkets lose heart..." - it seems that despite the best efforts of environmental campaigners the use of plastic carrier bags has not reduced but has rather increased over the past twelve months.Plastic bags create a sea of waste  id=

Beanies decided not to offer plastic carriers to customers some months ago in an attempt to do our bit in reducing the environmental impact.  Of course a decision like this is not taken lightly and we do appreciate the fact that our customers have responded very positively to the change even though there are of course still occasions when customers are flumoxed by the lack of a plastic bag - especially if they have just dropped in on an impulse.  We are selling alternatives and are looking to reduce the price on these if we can over the next few months.

Reducing plastic bag usage is a joint effort though and, at Beanies, we count ourselves very fortunate in having the sort of customer who thinks about these sort of issues.

In Modbury in Devon the whole town has gone carrier bag free with all shops and traders agreeing not to sell or give away plastic bags.  So it can be done.  It just requires a little dedication on the part of the supermarkets who with their enormous influence could produce a powerful effect if the will was there.  

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