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First Saturday in September…

Chrisby Chris, 9 yr, 3 m ago in Blog
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Well, September's here and the school's have gone back and holiday trips are now more of a memory as the summer fades poetically into autumn - but don't despair!  Look at the lovely foodie things that autumn brings...

Of course the close of summer means the last of the summer fruits: blackberries, strawberries and raspberries but some of these later varieties can be very tasty.  But the new stars on the shelves must be the fresh wild mushrooms that are starting to appear from Europe now and will soon be coming from Scotland.  This weekend we have Yellow Chanterelles  id= chanterelles, trompettes de mort Trompettes with their characteristic flavour of the woods  id=and cepes Cepes aka porcini  id=on offer for tasty wild mushroom risotto, omelette or just as a simple fried medley.  These mushrooms benefit from simple treatments to preserve their delicate characteristic flavours.

On the fruit department we are seeing the flow of  UK apples speeding up.  Locally grown DiscoveryOrganic Discovery, a flavourful early apple  id= and George Cave George Cave from a local allotmenteer - thanks!  id= and Katy is now appearing on both the conventionally and  organic shelves.

The UK potato growers are now harvesting their maincrop varieties including these Wilja - a good general purpose potatoNew Season Wilja from Lincs  id= - and Maris Piper, Maris Piper - makes a Great British Chip  id=the archetypal chipper and roaster.  There have been earlier harvests of these potatoes but the produce does not always display the characteristics for which they are best known when picked young.

Also from Europe we have beautifully ripe Turkish figs, Dark, sweet Turkish figs  id=great for baking or just peel back the dark skins and chomp into the tender sweet flesh.... and from France these little mirabelle plums make great eating and a tasty jam or compote.Mirabelles from France  id=

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