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Organic Veg Boxes 6th - 9th January

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If you're feeling bored and twitchy now that Christmas is over, you could be interested in the arrival of ....

1. Seville oranges for marmalade     £2.60 kg for Organic ones, a little less for ordinary ones. We have jam jars in 4oz, 6oz and 8oz sizes (£3 for 6), a range of larger kilner jars, jelly bags, muslin, preserving pans, long wooden spoons etc.

2. Seed potatoes. These should be along at the end of the month and I'll post details of the varieties on the website here in the next week or two. We also have a range of organic seeds from Tamar Organics and Seeds of Italy which we restock throughout the year with varieties apprpriate to the season. 

Gorgeous Regency colours!  id=The Cavolo Nero took a bit of a bashing in the snow last week but kale is reputed to taste best after some hard frosts. By contrast the pampered Crown Prince squash have been kept in the warmest part of the building to keep them ripening slowly, so they too should be at their peak too. This week's potato is Marfona; best for boiling and baking with it's smooth waxy flesh.

A box (standard veg)  Potatoes, carrots, onions, local squash, kale and leeks (Spanish tomatoes on Thursday and Friday), Spanish red pepper and chillies (French lettuce on Thursday and Friday).

B box (standard veg no potatoes) As above with tomatoes instead of potatoes (cucumber on Thursday and Friday).

D box (large veg) As for A with extra potatoes and lettuce (Swiss chard on Thursday and Friday).

E box (large veg no potatoes) As for D with extra fennel and aubergine.

K box (standard fruit) English Braeburn apples and Comice pears. Spanish avocados and clementines, Italian kiwis, Fairtrade bananas.

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