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Veg Box news 13th - 16th June, 2017

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If you happen to be near the shop on Wednesday morning do pop in and join in our Wake Up To Organic celebration. This now annual initiative aims to present easy ways in which you can introduce organic products into your life - there'll be some tasty samples to taste and takeaway!

This week sees a switch to New Potatoes in all the potatoes boxes. They are still rather more expensive than the old season crop, which is starting to sprout, consequently portion sizes are smaller. We hope that the Pak Choi that was due to go in boxes last week will appear this week! Pak Choi is a rather spinach like soft green leaf. It is ideal for stir-frying and needs only very light cooking - just chop into shreds across the stem and fry in a hot wok with an onion or add to a stirfry for the last few minutes and just allow it to wilt down.


  • Potatoes, new 800g
  • Carrots 500g
  • Onions 400g
  • Kohl RabiKohl Rabi  id=
  • Peppers
  • Courgettes
  • Chard - Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Pak Choi - Thursday and Friday

B’s will get Broccoli 350g instead of potatoes
D’s will get an extra 1.2kg Old Potatoes and a Salad Pack
G’s will be as A’s except for the Peppers and for which substitutes are yet to be confirmed
E’s will get the a larger portion of Broccoli
L’s and M’s will get the above additions and a bag of Tomatoes and a Cucumber


  • Apples - 700g
  • Bananas 600g
  • Oranges 600g
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Nectarine x 3Spanish Nectarines  id=

Q’s will also get Apricots 300g

If you are not currently a Direct Debit customer and would like to adopt this, our preferred, method of payment, ask your driver for a Direct Debit Mandate form to fill in or ring the shop and request one. Unfortunately we are unable to process Direct Debit Mandates by email as a hard copy of your signature is required.

Wet weather.

Last week I warned about the effect of hot weather on delicate greens etc left in greenhouses, conservatories and hot porches - but, hey, let's be realistic about this - we are just coming up to 'midsummer'. So....Remember this from ten years ago...  id=
We would greatly appreciate it if, when leaving your empty veg boxes out for collection, you could ensure that they are kept out of the rain. Leave them undercover or flatten them and slip them into a bin bag if the weather looks dubious. We aim to use boxes five or six times before they are recycled but one good shower of rain makes them pretty much unusable. Having said that, do recycle them yourselves if you feel they have reached the end of their time!

Here's a typical box  id= Here's a typical box (that won't rotate to it's proper alignment)


Push in the sides firmly but gently


Your bottom should stick out...  id= Let your bottom stick out


And keep the flaps out at the top


Look - just in case you're still worried about how to get that box flat here is a brief educational video

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