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Veg Box News: 16th - 19th May, 2017

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We're very much in that part of the year when stored vegetables are trying to do what comes naturally and turn themselves into plants. So Onions and last year's Potatoes are all tending to sprout. We'll keep going as long as we can before switching to alternative, more expensive new season crops. Any problems – please let us know! We want you to be happy with the veg that is arriving on your doorstep so please let us know if there are any problems.  New season washed carrots are now in the boxes.  These are a higher water content than those cropping later in the season and have a tendency to become bendy if left out of refrigeration, so... refrigerate them!

But it is good to see some more summery vegetables coming in now, too. Peppers and Courgettes and UK grown Aubergines are all starting to come into their own. Spanish Broccoli however is now coming to the end of its peak season. It will have been growing all though the winter months and as temperatures rise in Spain we find it is starting to show a few telltale signs of heat damage. UK grown Broccoli is still a few weeks away so this is pretty much the best we can get at the moment. It still behaves all right however if it is lightly steamed.


Potatoes 1kg
Carrots 600g
Broccoli 400g
Ramiro Pepper x2
Courgettes 400g

G's as above except the Broccoli and Peppers will be replaced with UK-grown Aubergines and Mushrooms
B's will get a portion of Mushrooms instead of Potatoes
D's will get a further 800 g Potatoes and a bunch of Asparagus
E's will get a larger portion of Mushrooms and the Asparagus
L's and M's will get the above additions and a Green Pepper


Bananas 600g
Apples 600g
Oranges 500g
Kiwis 400g

Q's will also get a Punnet of Blueberries.

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