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Veg Box News: 1st – 4th September, 2015

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Glorious Summer - but Bank Holidays can disrupt deliveries!  id=Who knows what havoc the last Bank Holiday of the Summer will play with the deliveries over the next week? We won’t really know until things start arriving next week, so there’s an added side order of hesitation to be included with this week’s Box Recipe and a small sachet of pre-prepared apology just in case.

But here goes…

A –
Potatoes 1kg
Carrots 500g
Onions 500g
Kohl Rabi  - click for recipe ideas
Romanesco CauliflowerFractal vegetables!  id=
Courgettes 400g from Sheffield Organic Growers
A Bag of Spinach – ditto
Cucumber – ditto

B will get a Lettuce in place of the potatoes and will have a bunch of Beetroot instead of Spinach

D will have a further 500g potatoes and a portion of French Beans (min 250g)

E will a Lettuce, Beans and 400g of the Purple Sprouting Broccoli which is just starting to come into season

L and M boxes will also get a bag of Rocket and a bunch of Parsley both grown locally by Sheffield Organic Growers.

What about G boxes…

The keen-eyed will notice that I haven’t been posting a recipe for the G (UK produce only) boxes recently – simply because all the ingredients of the Standard A box have been UK produce (with the exception of onions, for which we have had a small supply of UK ones to substitute. UK onions are now generally more available and we will switch to all UK as soon as we can.)

There's always a space in our hearts for a comedy vegetable...  id=Carrots

We have had one or two problems with the carrots recently, which have a tendency to soften and rot but because of the dirt… pardon me, the rich organic loam… covering them it is possible that the odd squashy one slips past eagle-eyed Mark as they go into the boxes. If you have had any problems please get in touch and we will happily credit your account and buy him some better glasses.

That is of course true for any “dodgy” content you might find – we take our responsibilities very seriously when “in loco emptoris” – (That’s dog Latin for “doing your shopping for you”)

Fruit Boxes

I have had one or two requests to continue posting the fruit box menu, too, so here goes:

K –
Apples (UK Discovery) 1kgUK grown Discovery from Jackie Waters  id=
Bananas 600g
Tues/Weds Figs 200g
Thurs/Fri Nectarines 400g (approx 3-4 depending on size) and a lemon
Kiwis 400g
Plums UK, 500g

Q will also get 800g Cooking Apples (UK Bramleys) and 2 Avocados

Occasionally we have to vary the boxes from one end of the week to the other as this week. If this happens we do try to make sure that what Tuesday and Wednesday people get one week then the Thursday and Friday will get soon after – but different suppliers bring produce at different times of the week so we have to be a bit flexible.

Do have a fantastic Bank Holiday whatever the weather brings!

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