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Veg Box News 4th - 7th April, 2017

Chrisby Chris, 2 yr, 8 m ago in Blog
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School holidays start soon so please tell us if you need to change your delivery arrangements over the Easter period. Just a little advance warning – we deliver as normal in the run up to Easter which includes Good Friday. Our locally made Cocoa Mester Easter Eggs have been very well received – one or two dark chocolate ones left. We also do various other eggs including dairy free so give us a ring if you need one or two adding to your order – but don’t delay they will run our fairly soon I would expect.

Here are the lists for next week’s boxes. It’s nice to get some organic rhubarb out to Q boxes this week. Don’t despair, K customers, your turn will come!


  • Potatoes1.2
  • Carrots 600g
  • Onions 500g
  • Red Kale
  • Beet 700g
  • CucumberOrganic Spanish cucumbers  id=
  • Celery (G’s will get A Bag of spinach on Tues/Weds or Mushrooms on Thurs/Fri)

B’s will get a portion of Jerusalem Artichokes in place of the potatoes

D’s will get a further 800g Pots and Leeks 600g

E’s will get the Jerusalem Artichokes and a Red Pepper

As well as the above additions L’s and M’s will receive on Tues/Weds – a Bunch of Radish; and on Thurs/Fri – a portion of Mushrooms


  • Apples – Braeburn 600g
  • Banana 600g
  • Kiwis 500g
  • Oranges 600g
  • Lemon
  • Avocados 300g
  • Q’s will also get a portion of 600g RhubarbOrganic Rhubarb  id=


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