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VEG BOX PREDICTIONS Week beginning 9th January

Mattby Matt, 7 yr, 11 m ago in Blog
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For chilly nights we now have a logs and kindling from one of our organic growers. Seasoned logs £3.50 or 2 for £6 and kindling £2.50 or 2 for £4.50.

From Kent ... an unusual arrival of home grown organic walnuts in the shell. Very tasty with a rich, mellow flavour. £6.90 kg

Seville oranges are now in stock, and don't forget our range of jam making and preserving equipment.

From TAMAR ORGANICS we have fresh seeds for this season's gardening. Next week we re-stock with the lovely, colourful and great value packs of seeds from SEEDS OF ITALY, starting with mainly spring sown seeds, and restocking with moving to ones for summer and autumn sowing in a few months. SEED POTATOES ARE DUE AT THE END OF THE MONTH. 16 heritage and modern varieties available loose.

A box. Standard veg. Sante potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnips, purple sprouting broccoli, fennel and lettuce.

B box. Standard no potatoes have red cabbage.

D box. Large veg. As for A with extra potatoes and leeks.

E box. Large veg no potatoes. As for D with red cabbage and red pepper.

L box. Extra large veg. As for D with extra cucumber and courgettes.

M box. Extra large veg no potatoes. As for E with extra cucumber and potatoes.

G box. UK only veg. As for A with leeks and mushrooms instead of lettuce and fennel.

K box. Fruit. Clementines, bananas, English apples, lemon, English pears, avocados (Tuesday Wednesday ... kiwis on Thursday and Friday), Bananas.

Q box. Large fruit. As above with extra oranges and grapefruit and extra pears.

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