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Veg Box News - 21st -24th April

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Well things are returning to a place neighbouring normality in the shop after last weekend's excitements and I've even managed to get the box recipe from Mark for next week:

A - 

  • Potatoes (probably Marfona a good all-rounder) 1.2kg
  • Carrots 0.6kg
  • Onions 0.5kg
  • CauliflowerLovely, locally grown Cauliflowers  id=
  • A Salad Pack (for boxes A,B,T and G)
  • A Pot o' Mushrooms (about 300g)
  • Red and Green Peppers
  • Red Onions x2

B - will have tomatoes in exchange for the potatoes

D - will have more Potatoes, a Lettuce in place of the Salad Packs and 500g of Beetroot

E - will have Tomatoes

L and M - will have the above additions and a bulb of Fennel and an Aubergine


In other news we are delighted to announce that we have commissioned local artist Keira James to work some magic on the boards currently covering our smashed window.  she has started work and we look forward to the finished results.

Keira paints phase 1 - sketching out  id=

Phase 2 starting to fill in  id=

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