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Saturday Morning in Beanies

Chrisby Chris, 8 yr, 8 m ago in News
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Just dropped the bread off at the shop and stopped to do a little shopping - couldn't resist the summer produce on offer.A basket of delights  id=

The flat nectarines have been particularly good this year Flat Nectarines  id=

Cherry tomatoes  id=The tomato seaason is in full swing, too, now - these cherry tomatoes are really sweet with just a hint of acidity.  Heritage varieties are available, too, from our suppliers, Oakleaf who make daily visits to Rungis market in Paris. Old Heritage Tomatoes  id=  


Did you see Rick Stein's programme this week?  A young woman was rubbing raw tomato across a piece of crusty sourdough bread and toasting it then serving drizzled with olive oil.  It looked delicious - try it with one of our fantastic Wild White Spelt.Wild White Spelt Sourdough  id=

The English Peppers are really cheap now and have excellent flavour.

Matt's allotment has started producing too and he brought a tray of his opal plums in to sell.  Its a young tree he explained so the fruit are still relatively small despite his doing the recommended thinning of fruit buds when they first appear to encourage those left to grow bigger.  there were swan gage, greengages and little golden mirabelles in too, and there'll be victorias along soon too.  Matt's Opal Plums  id=


These yellow beans are a firm favourite with Beanies staff although customers haven't quite caught on yet - known as haricots beurre they're a far cry from what we call  butter beans.  Give them a go lightly steamed and with a knob of beurre. Haricots beurre  id=


It's good to see the wild mushroom season starting, too - these Scottish Chanterelles are just a hint of Autumn but let's enjoy the Sun while it's here... Scottish Chanterelles  id=








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