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Seed Potatoes 2019

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Deliveries here...  id=All varieties are organic Scottish seed certified disease free and sold loose at £1.70kg. It’s best to calculate how many tubers you’ll need in numbers of tubers rather than weight, although large ones can be cut in half before planting. Measure the length of your rows in feet and allow a tuber a foot for earlies and about 15 inches for maincrop. Keep in open trays in a cool, light space so the tubers grow robust, healthy shoots. If you plant in April you might need to protect the foliage from frosts and cold ground can hamper growth. Waiting until warmer weather in May can be worthwhile, and even early June plantings can be successful if you’re running late! Water very well two or three weeks before you plan to start harvesting; the plants will be of good size and ready to concentrate on bulking up the tubers.

EARLIES (for June and July)

  • Colleen. Popular, disease resistant Irish variety with a fine waxy texture.Get chitting...  id=
  • Maris Bard. Good flavour and a waxy texture that is very resistant to disintegration when boiled; one of our best sellers in the shop.


  • Charlotte. Our best selling seed potato. Excellent waxy textured yellow flesh when eaten early in the season, though it will become more floury if left to mature. Really tasty and will keep quite well into winter.
  • Orla. Useful variety that can be dug as an early but bulks up well to produce good size bakers in August. Uniform, smooth and waxy. Good disease resistance.

MAINCROP (for late August onwards)

  • Arran Victory. Our favourite Christmas variety. Tricky to boil but has a very tasty, white floury flesh for superb roasties, chips and mash. Beautiful purple skin.
  • Cara. Popular and attractive white variety with pink ‘eyes’ . Mild flavour but versa-tile in the kitchen but a particularly good baker.
  • Desiree. The best known red and a classic. Yellow flesh with a slightly waxy texture and very fine flavour. A bit prone to scab in dry seasons which makes the skin a bit unsightly, so water well.
  • Sante. Popular with organic growers for it’s disease resistance but good flavour too. Slightly floury but a good all rounder.
  • Setanta. Very tasty, round shaped floury red. Superb roaster. Related to the excel-lent ‘Rooster’. Disease resistant, productive and an outstanding performer at the Sheffield Organic Growers site.
  • Sarpo Mira. (pronounced sharpo) Super disease resistant red from Hungary. Floury, so good for mashing, roasting and fluffy bakers but can be tricky to boil.

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