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Spring Bank Holiday at Beanies

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It’s been a while since I took my camera up to the shop but I had it with me today as I snapped up some Spring Goodies...


Of course we’re in the middle of the Asparagus season at the moment.  It started early this year with the warm March but has subsequently suffered with the heavy rainfall through April. This might account for the stories in the press that Asparagus is in very short supply this year. Matt hasn’t found it difficult to get yet but he did say that this morning some of the ‘grass’* he was offered was looking as if it had been soaking under water for a while...Asparagus and tomatoes  id= He said by rights he should be charging a bit more for it but that sometimes the pleasure principle is a stronger motivator than profit – it’s a relatively short season, let’s make the most of it.


*Veg Factoid: did you know that in the veg trade Asparagus is known as ‘grass’. It’s a corruption of the name Asparagus – Sparrow Grass – grass.

English tomatoes are coming in now and these ‘cocktail’ tomatoes are really tasty.  There's UK spring produce just sneaking into the background of this picture too - cauliflowers and purple sprouting broccoli!


We’re seeing the first of the cherries now– these are from Spain. Cherries are the first English soft fruit to crop but they won’t be available for another few weeks yet.  These Spanish ones may not be quite as tasty as our homegrown varieties but they are a sneak preview of the good things to come.New season Spanish cherries  id=  Check out new season French broad beans too, they're small, sweet and tender but I  couldn't get a photo.

I always think of fungi as an autumnal arrival but these delicate shiminji mushrooms look fantastic and have a subtle exotic aroma. They are UK grown, too... Exotic speciality mushrooms  id=


Cat Lane Savouries

At the bakery we’re always trying new things and these fougasse stuffed with roast vegetables have been proving popular as a lunchtime snack. They are shaped like a pasty and the dough is the same as that we use for our focaccia and ciabatta – it’s enriched with extra virgin olive oil three times: during the making, just before baking and then again as it comes out of the oven. We’ve tried garlic mushrooms in them, too, and our spinach and feta mix (the pasties are a firm favourite), and I daresay there will be one or two other experiments in due course... – any suggestions!?Not such a good photo but a tasty snack!  id=

Cracking Cheese

Jan is in charge of cheese ordering at the moment and she has recently found Leagrams Organic Dairy  in the Ribble Valley.  So our fridge now boasts seven varieties of organic Lancashire cheese from this company - (I can't say I've tried them all yet!) Leagrams Lancashire Cheese  id=

and finally ... plants too

Generally at the weekends you'll find a selection of vegetable plants in the shop I spotted runner beans this morning and these gorgeous daisy type things but I forgot to check the name! Lovely plants!  spring in the air!  id=

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