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Today at Beanies - 12th November 2011

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I don't get to spend much time at the shop now as I'm mostly at the bakery - but on a Saturday morning I get to do my weekly shop...  and this morning the shop was a feast for the eyes:

Caulifowers, Romanescu Caulis and Savoy Cabbage  id= Caulifowers and cabbages are really at their best now - tasty and great value.  Romanescu Caulis - fractal vegetables!



Named for the Prince Regent presumably owing to its Georgian colour scheme - the Crown Prince Squash is truly a prince of vegetables.  Firm and well flavoured they are already tasty but even improve for a few weeks of storage.





Miss Blush potatoes  id=Miss Blush potatoes are a new variety - I haven't tried them yet - but they are striking to look at.  A versatile salad type potato.









Exotic fruit selection  id=Pomegranates from Asia, persimmons and cherimoya - custard apples - from Spain - Rich fruit bowl fare!  And look at those lovely bunches of fresh dill!  Gorgeous...






Tasty sultana Grapes  id=The Greeks may be having difficulties sorting their economy out but they can still produce fantastic sultana grapes... little jewels bursting with flavour.






Turkish Quince  id=I was chatting to one customer about these beautiful aromatic quince - she made a quince liqueur.  Sounds tempting!







UK grown Braeburn Apples  id=Last on my shopping list but by no means least - UK Braeburns.  It's only in the last few years that UK grown Braeburns have been available to us but they are crisp and tasty and to my mind superior to those grown in France or the southern hemisphere.

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